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05/14/2012 - 8:41am
From the looks of things, it appears to be conservative journalists.
05/13/2012 - 8:28am
Professor Stephen Hawking asks some big questions about our universe—How did the universe begin? How did life begin? Are we alone?—and discusses how we might go about answering them.
05/13/2012 - 8:08am
Your relationship is on the rocks. Begrudgingly, you and your significant other visit a marriage counselor in the hopes that there’s still something left to salvage in your relationship. You both spill your guts and admit that the love is gone. The counselor listens attentively, nodding her head every now and then in complete understanding. At the end of the session she offers the two of you some practical words of advice and sees you on your way. Oh, but before you leave she fills out a prescription for the two of you. Your marriage, it would seem, has been placed on meds.
05/13/2012 - 7:46am
Today I want to talk about three broad categories: Synthetic or engineered medical research or treatments, biological (DNA) research and procedures, and various transplants that have been performed or are being researched.
05/12/2012 - 9:09pm

Reports about what goes on in 'drug rehabilitation centers' in China have been dribbling into the media for some time now. Arrest for illegal drug use in China can lead to compulsory treatment (for a minimum of 2 years) at detention centers that, according to a New York Times piece in 2010, function as de facto penal colonies where inmates are fed substandard food and denied basic medical care. The detentions are enforced by police, where the drug user has no opportunity to have a trial, face a judge or raise an appeal. When a drug user leaves detention, the problems do not end there: their having been arrested for drug use is noted on their national identification card, making future employment difficult and leaving them vulnerable to frequent and humiliating searches by police. This is not a rare phenomenon: according to the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS, 2010), half a million people are confined in drug detention centers in China at any given time. Perhaps it would be marginally better if those with drug addictions received effective treatment during thier detention, but the most reports point in the other direction: 'treatment' may come in the form of unpaid labor in chicken farms or shoe factories, or in the form of untested 'therapies' like sandbox play, art, or boxing. The 'treatment' looks like punishment, exploitation, or merely lame.  

05/12/2012 - 9:09pm
I have been away from the Global Bioethics blog for longer than usual. It was a matter of converging demands: the end of the semester and teaching duties, plus the grant-writing season was in full swing. The latter is a form of temporary insanity, short-term OCD: your life is consumed not only by designing a proposal, collaboratively with others (and all the give and take that involves), but the mad paper chase of getting up-to-date CVs, writing budgets, budget justifications, scopes of work, letters of support, progress reports, and much else besides, and then packaging it all in the right way to submit it all to the funding authorities, whose pockets are getting shallower all the time. Those who think that academia is all about cushy tenured positions for life with guaranteed income ought to take a look in the trenches at (what I call) us soft money monkeys, i.e. those who spend an inordinate amount of time and energy cobbling together enough soft (grant) money to stay at least 75% employed -- you lose your medical insurance coverage if you drop further than that. But that is over, for the moment, and this blog needs feeding.
05/12/2012 - 1:35pm
A bill just signed into law by the Governor of Hawaii will authorize including the designation "AHCD" on a driver's license if the person has an advance directive.  Bills pending in other states, like New York, would provide the actual name of the healthcare agent.
05/12/2012 - 10:37am
Transhumanism is a big, complicated, sprawling idea. The central concept – that humans can be made better with technology – touches on a lot of hopes and fears about the future of humanity. Though I’m always going on about how great human enhancement could be, I’ve got my fair share of fears myself. But my fears are probably way different than many of your fears. But how in the world can we represent those concerns? As it turns out, I’ve found a pretty good set of archetypes that represent our hopes and fears: Marvel Comic’s Avengers.
05/12/2012 - 6:34am
Dmitry Itskov—Russian entrepreneur spearheading project Avatar and Global Future 2045.

05/12/2012 - 5:43am

Former President of the World Bank discusses global inequality in wealth.