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User Directory

What is the User Directory?

The User Directory lists the user names, first and last names, departments/units, and organizations of members of the EthicShare Community who have chosen to make this information public. The directory is, by default, sorted alphabetically by username, but it can also be sorted using any of the fields at the top of the directory (username, first name, last name, or organization).  This feature is useful if, for example, you would like to find EthicShare colleagues who work in organizations you are familiar with: simply sort by organization name.  The User Directory ultimately provides a way for the EthicShare Community to get to know each other.

How do I create or modify my description for the User Directory?

Once you're logged in, click on the "My Account Preferences" link in the header to go to the Account Preferences page. Then, underneath the green tabs bar, look for the "Directory Profile" link. Clicking this link will take you to the directory profile form, which allows you to put in only the information that you want available to the EthicShare Community. To make sure that your information then appears in the directory, select "Yes" under the question "Show in Public Directory?" toward the bottom of the page. If you select no, then the information you provided will not be in the director and will only appear when a user clicks on your username within EthicShare (for example, from a group page where you have contributed or when you are listed as a member of a group).