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[Adherence to a diet and the social aspects of patients with celiac disease]

Minerva medica. 
1992 Jul-Aug
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We studied the social behaviour and dietary habits of 335 coeliacs older than 6 yrs diagnosed in our paediatric gastroenterology unit by a mailed questionnaire, 156 patients (45.2%) answered all questions; their median age was 14.7 yrs (range 6-29). We found that the disease does not compromise educational achievement and working capacity of patients. A majority of our coeliacs are students (from primary school to university) and rather successful ones since 55% of them passed their previous year examinations. Some are already employed and work as clerks, artisans, masons or skilled workers. 89.6% of our patients reported to be on a strict gluten-free diet, 9% introduce small amounts of gluten and 1.4% are on a normal diet by their own decision. Coeliac patients originating from Northern Italy have more of their gluten-free foods home made and use more gliadin free cereals (rice, maize), whereas coeliacs originating from the Southern regions consume more ready made gluten-free foods. We have assessed the amount of gluten-free products consumed monthly by our patients and their food preferences. Females eat less than males and prefer bread and flour based dishes, whereas males east more pasta and biscuits.
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