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Professions, professional ethics, and bioengineering.

Critical reviews in biomedical engineering. 
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The distinguishing features of professions, professionalization, and the institutionalization of expertise are discussed. Drawing on this discussion, a composite picture of a profession is developed. Using that composite picture, the question whether bioengineering is a profession is raised and answered affirmatively; the implications of that answer are explored. The institutional aspects and problems of contemporary professional practice receive special attention. It is argued that undertaking the task of constructing ethical structures of practice is itself an obligation of professional ethics. An approach that can be employed in that undertaking and, then, with one difference that is explained, used in making individual ethical decisions in one's capacity as a professional is suggested and defended. A key element in that defense is the fact that the approach squarely faces and successfully deals with what one writer calls the problems of knowledge and interest.
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