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The no-show rate in a high-risk obstetric clinic.

Journal of women's health & gender-based medicine. 
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We wished to determine the reasons for an average missed appointment rate of 28% in a high-risk pregnancy clinic. Only 41% of the 261 women in the study group could be reached by telephone. The reasons included not having a phone, the phone had been disconnected, incorrect phone number on the chart, the patient had moved, and the patient did not respond to the answering machine message. The reasons for missing the appointment included lack of transportation, scheduling problems, overslept or forgot, presence of a sick child or relative, and lack of child care. The response of patients to assessing prenatal care may reflect their priority of medical care relative to other priorities associated with day-to-day existence. There may be a baseline missed appointment rate for prenatal care in lower socioeconomic populations of women. The commitment of personnel time and energy to attempt to modify the no-show rate should be reexamined.
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