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The ACP handbook of women's health

ACP women's health series.. 
Publisher Location:Philadelphia. 
American College of Physicians.
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Physical Descriptionxx, 619 p., [2] p. of plates: ill. (some col.); 21 cm.
Contentspt. I. Organ system structure. Prevention and screening in women : Cancer screening / Jennifer Frank and Jessica Johnston ; Screening and prevention / Sarina B. Schrager -- Cancer in women : Gynecologic malignancies / Jeanne M. Schilder and Iwona Podzielinski ; Breast cancer / Anna Maria Storniolo and Lida Mina ; Lung cancer / Shadia Jalal and Nasser Hanna ; Colon cancer / Marguerite Elliott and Kari Kindschi ; Melanoma / Theodore F. Logan and Lawrence A. Mark ; Skin cancer (non-melanoma skin cancer) / Joslyn N. Witherspoon, Bethanee J. Schlosser, Dennis P. West, Anjali Butani, and Ginat W. Mirowski -- Cardiovascular disease in women : Hypertension / Ann Evensen ; Hyperlipidemia / Amy Groff and Sarina B. Schrager ; Heart disease / Elisabeth von der Lohe ; Overweight and obesity / Carolina Bruno and Robert V. Considine ; Cigarette smoking and cessation in women / Katherine Neely, Samina Naseer, and Laurel C. Milberg -- Common outpatient reproductive health issues : Abnormal vaginal bleeding in reproductive aged women / Sarina B. Schrager ; Abnormal pap smears / Diana Burtea ; Sexually transmitted infections / Suparna Chhibber ; Contraception / Norma Jo Waxman, Anna Kaminski, Ruth Lesnewski, Shannon Connolly, Radha Lewis, and Penina Segall-Gutierrez ; Female sexual dysfunction / Terri Greco ; Chronic pelvic pain / Sarina B. Schrager ; Infertility / Juliemarie M. Sicilia and Tara D. Lathcopy ; Uterine fibroid tumors / Sarina B. Schrager ; Vaginitis / Suparna Chhibber ; HIV/AIDS infection in women / Jeffrey M. Rothenberg and Joanna R. Fields ; Primary care of lesbian women / Kathy Oriel ; Primary care of women with disabilities / Deborah Dreyfus and Sarina B. Schrager -- Behavior/mood disorders : Depression / Joan E. Hamblin and Howard K. Gershenfeld ; Panic disorder / Rebecca O'Bryan, Andrew Goddard, and Anantha Shekkar ; Premenstrual syndrome and premenstrual dysphoric disorder / Sarina B. Schrager ; Postpartum mood disorders / Jo Marie R. Reilly ; Post-traumatic stress disorder / Smitha Patibandla, Jeffrey Lightfood, and Anantha Shekkar ; Child abuse: the basics for all healthcare providers / Antoinette L. Laskey ; The effect of stress on health / Kiet A. T. Ton and Helen Luce -- Musculoskeletal disorders : Osteoarthritis / Rafael Grau ; Sports-related conditions / Sarah Fox, Emily Porter, and Sarina B. Schrager ; Rheumatoid arthritis / Nighat Tahir and Rafael Grau ; Systemic lupus erythematosus / Rose S. Fife ; Back pain / Ann M. O'Connor / Fibromyalgia / Rose S. Fife -- Neurological disease : Stroke / Sabina Agrawal ; Multiple sclerosis / David H. Mattson ; Headache / Charles C. Flippen II ; Screening for dementia / Melissa M. Stiles -- Substance use and abuse : Alcohol / Sean O'Connor ; Substance abuse / Lee T. Dresang and Linnea Williams ; Weight loss and over-the-counter diet products / Joanne E. Williams -- Dermatologic : Acne vulgaris and steroid acne / Kimberly A. Bauer, Bethanee Schlosser, and Ginat W. Mirowski ; Atopic dermatitis / Richard H. Huggins, Bethanee Schlosser, Dennis P. West, Amy S. Paller, and Ginat W. Mirowski -- Gastrointestinal disorders : Inflammatory bowel disease / Debra J. Helper ; Gallstone disease / Raufu Lasisi and Julia K. LeBlanc ; Peptic ulcer disease / Jonathan Benson and Rakesh Vinayek ; GERD / Kenneth Berman, Hala Fatima, and Rakesh Vinayek -- Endocrine disorders : Diabetes / Melissa K. Cavaghan ; Thyroid disease / Melissa K. Cavaghan ; Polycystic ovary syndrome and hirsutism / Rebecca A. Austin ; Pituitary disorders / Sarina B. Schrager ; Metabolic syndrome: a clustering of cardiometabolic risk factors / Michael J. Waddell and Rattan Juneja -- Women's role in society : Intimate partner violence: how can healthcare providers make a difference? / DaWana Stubbs ; Eating disorders / Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber and Mary Rouse ; Balancing life roles / Heather L. Paladine ; Access to health care for uninsured women / Tammy Quall ; Disparities in health for vulnerable women: women in prison and immigrant women / Nancy Pandhi, Rosalilia Mendoza, and Kala Rl. Kluender ; Racial disparities / Sarina B. Schrager -- pt. II. Life cycle structure. Adolescent women : Menstrual disorders in the adolescent patient / Mollie L. Kane ; Teenage pregnancy planning / Marissa Harris and Marji Gold ; Screening adolescents for sexuality transmitted infections / Mollie L. Kane -- Reproductive age women : Pap smear screening / Heather L. Paladine and Julie Howard ; Pregnancy options counseling: choosing between parenting, adoption and abortion / Marji Gold, Emily Jackson, and Tara B. Stein -- Pregnancy and postpartum : A chronic medical illness in pregnancy / Anne-Marie Lozeau ; Rashes in pregnancy / Michael A. Umland and Helen Luce ; Office management of miscarriage / Honor MacNaughton and Linda W. Prine -- Perimenopausal women : Menstrual disorders in perimenopausal women / Beverly VonDerPool ; Management of menopausal symptoms / Katherine L. Margo -- Postmenopausal women : Postmenopausal bleeding / Judith A. Gravdal ; Falls assessment / Melissa M. Stiles and Kathleen E. Walsh ; Geriatric assessment / Melissa M. Stiles ; Urinary incontinence / John W. Stutsman and Paul G. Schoon ; Caring for the dying woman / Rose M. Guilbe and Janet M. Townsend -- Appendices : A. FDA drugs in pregnancy classification -- B. Levels of evidence.