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Clinical diagnosis and management of anthrax : lessons learned

Publisher Location:[Atlanta, Ga.]. 
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Julie L. Gerberding, Acting Director of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, introduces this video. Moderator Lisa Rayam describes the goals of the video as (1) updating the clinical presentation, diagnosis, and treatment of bioterroism related anthrax, (2) describing the clinical signs and syndromes associated with recent inhalational and sutaneous anthrax infections, and (3) understanding the recommendations for patient management and treatment, including diagnosis, laboratory tests, serology and pathology. The panelists are David S. Stephens, the clinical moderator, John A. Jernigan, Tonja Popovic, Sherif Zaki, Conrad Quinn, and Phyllis Kozarsky. The panelists use photographs, slides and other images to illustrate their presentations.
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