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Medical defense against biological warfare : basic plan after an attack, Part 3

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The Navy.
In this film, the medical countermeasures instituted in defense of a hypothetical biological warfare attack on a small group of islands is demonstrated. Immediately after the attack, the medical department is faced with four urgent tasks. They are: first aid, emergency treatment, and decontamination of casualties; identification of the biological warfare agent; medical care for the exposed and infected personnel; and control of the environment and of the personnel. First echelon medical service consists of teams that search for casualties and give first aid in attack areas, litter bearer teams, field aid station teams to provide emergency treatment and prepare casualties for evacuation, and ambulance teams that evacuate casualties to rear echelons. All of the above are shown carrying out typical duties. The ABC health hazards team takes samples of the biological agent. Workers are shown doing this in full protective gear. Samples are taken to to the first-level detection and identification laboratory where work on the samples begins at once. Some samples are also sent to second-level military laboratories for analysis. If the samples cannot be identified in the second-level laboratory, they may be sent to a third level military or civilian laboratory. If immunizations are available, they are given as soon as the pathogen is identified. If they are not available, the incubation period may be prolonged by the use of drugs and antibiotics. Early specific therapy is given to personnel in whom the agent has been identified. Environments and food and water supplies are checked. A search is conducted for vectors. If an epidemic begins, isolation wards should be used for infected patients. Early case finding is important in stopping an epidemic. Quarantine or evacuations of the primary area of contamination may be necessary.
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